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Experienced Readers (9-11 Age) – Set of 6 Story Books


  • No illustrations or imagery. Simple motifs at the beginning of every chapter.
  • The sentence structure is slightly more complex. Longer sentences and paragraphs, more use of nouns and adjectives, more descriptive content
  • More use of active voice
  • Clear fonts with longer pages
  • Subjects can be related to imaginary situations, reactions to those situations, emotions


Little Sue and George are very fond of each other. They have been best friends since kindergarten. They love spending time together and have similar hobbies. George loves to paint and so does Little Sue. Little Sue loves puppies and so does George but he just doesn’t like cuddling them as Little Sue does.

George has other ways of expressing his love for puppies. George is a kind boy and he never shies away from feeding the puppies in his neighborhood. Kindness is a very nice quality in a person. Ever since George was a little boy, he has always been kind to everyone.

One fine Sunday, when there was no school, George asked Little Sue to come over to play. George was upstairs cleaning his room when he heard the doorbell ring. George was expecting Little Sue and hurriedly ran down the stairs to open the door. “Hey, George!” Little Sue yelled happily. “Hi Little Sue, c’mon in!”, George said. “No! Let’s go and play in the garden! I have a new game to teach you, said Little Sue and ran off towards the large, green garden which seemed more beautiful than ever today.


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