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Smart Thinkers (7-8 Age) – Set of 6 Story Books 


  • Colorful Illustrations or imagery on every other page or every two pages
  • Longer but concise sentences, longer paragraphs
  • Higher use of active voice
  • Clear and spaced out fonts, more use of text
  • Subject centers around relatable contexts such as home and family members but with some elements of imagination in the story such as a friendly ghost or monster
  • Character profiles and storylines have more depth


Little Sue was truly little. She had big blue eyes and a nose that was always red. She had some freckles on her cheeks and therefore all the girls and boys teased her. George never teased or made fun of Little Sue. After all, they were best friends. The boys and girls didn’t make fun of Little Sue when George was around. They were scared of George because George was a tall and strong boy. He was the tallest in his class and his teachers always made him sit on the last bench. George had big, strong arms and when George got angry, his face went very red.


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