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About Us

In a world that believes there is only one winner. We at Chota Kingdom, celebrate a winner in every child. We believe that every child is an achiever, that every child is special and their needs need to be nurtured emotionally and intelligently.

We specialise in developing wooden brain teaser toys, DIY toys and games. At Chota Kingdom, we believe that a child learns best from something he/she enjoys doing and what’s more important and enjoyable to children than play!

Our toys are developed in accordance to the highest manufacturing standards, handcrafted by local artisans. They are completely sustainable and non-toxic.

We welcome you to our Kingdom!

Chota Kingdom is a brand of Nageen Edtech Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary company of the Nageen Group. The group has been in the education industry for more than 5 decades. The Group’s most reputed subsidiary Nageen Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. specializes in publishing textbooks across various academic boards for all ages. Our decades of experience in the education industry have taught us that children learn best by doing. Therefore, we set up Nageen Edtech Pvt. Ltd. to develop educational toys and puzzles that focus on the holistic development of children.





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Subscribe to the updates!