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Young Readers (6-7 Age) – Set of 6 Story Books


  • Colorful Illustrations or imagery on every other page or every two pages
  • Longer but concise sentences; higher use of adjectives, nouns, verbs
  • Slightly more use of active voice
  • Clear and spaced out fonts, more use of text
  • Subject centers around relatable contexts such as home and family members but with some elements of imagination in the story such as a friendly ghost or monster.


Little Sue is a nice girl. She and George are very good friends. George is expecting Little Su today. The doorbell of George’s house rings. When George opens the door he is glad to see Little Sue.

“Hello, George! Let’s go play in the garden!”. George says, “Hi Little Sue! Sure. I’ll be right there!” George and Little Sue are playing in the garden. Suddenly, they hear a puppy crying. It looks like the puppy is behind the big old tree. The two friends run toward the tree and see a little puppy. “Oh look! George!”, said Little Sue.


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