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Wooden Labyrinth Ball Game in a Maze Puzzle – 6 Inches


  • Ball-in-a-Maze Puzzles Labyrinth Wooden Board Games
  • Chota Kingdom ball-in-a-maze puzzle game for kids and adults; Made out of wood, it is eco friendly, non hazardous and fun; Does not require electricity or batteries
  • Manipulate the game board to move the 3 steel balls to the center to win; This is mind challenging game played by everyone, anytime and anywhere
  • Measures 6 inches in diameter and weighs 200 grams; Age suggestion: The games make great gifts for kids aged 9 to 12
  • Puzzles trigger the left side of the brain, which is mainly responsible for the cultivation of reasoning, objective, analytical and logical skills. It is a great game for the young minds
SKU: CK056 Category: Product ID: 21617


Latest range of toys and puzzles from Chota Kingdom – eco- friendly, natural, non-electronic and portable wooden ball-in-a-maze for kids/adults. Ball-in-a-maze puzzles are dexterity puzzles which involve manipulating either a maze (or labyrinth) or one or several balls so that the ball or balls are maneuvered towards a goal. This is a round labyrinth, beautiful gift item for both boys and girls. The labyrinth is made of pure natural wood and has three small size steel balls that remain in the maze. The kids would enjoy not only by adroitly placing all the three balls in the central groove, they would also enjoy keeping it as a collectible item. Make a gift of this labyrinth to kids to help them develop better coordination between mind and hands.

This is a round labyrinth, beautiful gift item. This is mind challenging game played by everyone,anytime and anywhere Made up of wood with uniform finish Size: height – 1 inches, diameter: 6 inches


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