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Story Tellers (11+ Age) – Set of 6 Story Books


  • No illustrations or imagery. Simple motifs at the beginning of every chapter.
  • The sentence structure is slightly more complex. Longer sentences and paragraphs, more use of nouns and adjectives.
  • Situations and character storylines are more descriptive
  • More use of active voice
  • Space between fonts and words is very less
  • Subjects are focused on character emotions, complex and difficult subjects


George had been having a hard time at home lately. George’s Mum and Dad were not getting along and George didn’t know whom to talk to. Of course, Little Sue was his best friend and he could talk to her whenever he wanted to but, lately, Little Sue was also caught up at school and her painting lessons.

Little Sue loved to paint. She always told George how much fun it was to be able to express yourself through art, how the painting made her feel good about herself. She insisted George try it too but, George had taken up an after-school job at the local grocery store. Things had been hard of late for George and his family with George’s dad losing his job. So George decided to help out till his Dad found a new job. However, unlike Little Sue, George wasn’t too happy with what he was doing.

Finally, it was Sunday, and this meant that Little Sue and George could meet and spend some time together. It had been ages since George had seen his best friend. After taking a much-needed rest, George headed to his and Little Su’s meeting place, the big, green garden.


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