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Shape Sorter – Curious Board


This wonderful face of curious board encourages kids to explore shapes and how they are present in everyday objects. Make this toy part of your everyday routine and jump in excitement when your kids tells you that while pizza is a circle, it gets cut into a triangle and comes packed in a square box.

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Curious BASE: Width -28 cm., Height.- 28 cm., Thick- 1.0cm.
Curious Board : Width -28 cm., Height.- 28 cm., Thick- 0.6cm. Shapes : 9 Nos. Approx. Width -6.0 cm., Height.- 6.0 cm., Thick- 1.7cm.
Curious Sheets: 2 Nos. Width -28 cm., Height.- 28 cm.
Net Wt- approx. 350 gm.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm


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