In a world that believes in only one winner for everything, we at ChotaKingdom celebrate a winner in every child. We believe that every child is an achiever, that every child is special and that every child needs to be nurtured emotionally and intelligently.

With that belief in mind, our team comprising of folks from IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Kanpur have curated books, toys & DIY toys for your kids.

So let us help you explore the responsible and kid friendly world of ChotaKingdom.

Welcome to the exciting world of ChotaKingdom’s CuriousBoard! Why do we call a board made out of humble wood Curious? Because the board is as curious as your kids!

ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board is a revolutionary modular toy that keeps pace with your kids growing curiosity at different ages. ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board is a many in one board. ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board has many faces; each face is a different toy – Shapes, Numbers, Alphabets, Word Making etc. Stay tuned for a lot more faces of ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board.

Our book brand, ChotaKingdom Books, seeks to create island of knowledge in the confines of your own house in the form of mini-libraries. Kids have short attention span and to cater to such challenging consumers of ours we have created book bundles that comprise of multiple story books, activity books and colouring books.

ChotaKingdom with its world of DIY toys will inspire the Innovator in your little munchkins. Allow your kids to learn the basics of Do-It-Yourself art and crafts, so they can have a ball creating beautiful toys all by themselves. After all, what better way could be there to convert your little angel into a budding creator?