What is ChotaKingdom?

ChotaKingdom is a brand for kids that offers meaningful books, a revolutionary modular Curious Board, environment friendly and kids safe wooden / MDF toys and innovative DIY toys.

We at ChotaKingdom celebrate a winner in every child. We believe that every child is an achiever, that every child is special and that every child needs to be nurtured emotionally and intelligently.

What is Curious Board?

ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board is a revolutionary modular toy that keeps pace with your kids growing curiosity at different ages.

ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board is a many in one board. ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board has many faces, each face is a different toy – Shapes, Numbers, Alphabets, Word Making etc. Stay tuned for a lot more faces of ChotaKingdom’s Curious Board.

What are different reading levels of ChotaKingdom Books?

ChotaKingdom Books are age specific and below is the description of each of those levels.

  1. Active Tots (3+)
  2. Curious Beginners (4+)
  3. Quick Learners (5+)
  4. Young Readers (6-7)
  5. Smart Thinkers (7-8)
  6. Independent Readers (9-11)
  7. Story Tellers (11 +)

For more information on ChotaKingdom reading levels, please refer to this document.

What are ChotaKingdom DIY Toys?

ChotaKingdom DIY toys are Do It Yourself toys. These toys need to be assembled by following a set of instructions enclosed with the toy. These toys help develop critical reasoning as well as fire up kids imagination. Most of ChotaKingdom DIY toys can be assembled with glue.

Orders, Shipping, Cancellation & Refunds

What happens if you have paid but don’t receive a confirmation?

This is once in a blue moon situation. It happens very rarely but then no worries. You can talk to us at letstalk@chotakingdom.com and we will be happy to resolve the issue.
The bank/payment vendor will credit money either to you or to us. If it is comes back to you, kindly reorder the items. If it is released to us, we will process the order after confirmation from the Bank.

Is shipping free?

Yes for orders over Rs. 500/-

What should I do if the box arrives damaged?

Please don’t accept the box from the delivery agent. If the items inside the box are damaged, please reach out to us at letstalk@chotakingdom.com

Can I return an item?

Yes, any unused item in its original packaging can be returned to us. You will have to pay for the reverse logistics. Also, refund would be processed in to your account in ChotaKingdom wallet in your account.